International Business Development

We approach and conduct the process of business internationalization in a broad and comprehensive way, from planning to implementation, covering all the dimensions that compose the context of today’s globalized and highly competitive businesses such as: Marketing, Sales, Products Development and Management, Engineering, Production, Human Resources, Technology, Operations, Supply-chain, Finance, Administration, etc. We believe that the successful development of any international enterprise must consider and integrate all of those dimensions with experience, strategic vision, competence and commitment to results.

When it comes to internationalization, business expansion and investments between Brazil and the USA, we rely on invaluable partners with expertise in all necessary disciplines.  

Our key services in this area are:

  • Market / Competition Research
  • M&A – Support in the Purchase and Sale of Companies
  • Business Planning
  • Product and Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Match-making
  • Commercial and Technical Representation
  • Channel Development and Management
  • Supply-Chain Structuring
  • Financial Structuring
  • Legal Structuring
  • Regulatory Assessment and Tracking
  • Startup implementation