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Launch of Global Business Institute em Miami

In order to serve as a service hub for Brazilian entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs interested in investing in the North American market, the Global Business Institute (GBI) was officially presented on Thursday (25) to a select group of businessmen, press and guests.

The new institution to support Brazilian business in the United States was created by entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the procedures and needs to invest in the largest market in the world, from initial strategic planning to market research, through guidance in business development plans, marketing strategies, tax obligations, accounting and administrative functions characteristic of the US corporate environment. The leaders who make up the initiative have the expertise and history of success in the business world.

In different segments, the individual professional experiences – mostly with global companies – complement each other, and result in strategies different from what is offered in the market today.

According to GBI’s marketing head, Antonio Miranda, himself a victim of poor orientation when he decided to establish his company in the United States, the group’s goal is to avoid the sinking of Brazilian companies that invest in the US market without proper guidance. “We want to provide longevity for Brazilian initiatives in the USA. Our experts are able, among other strategies, to study the potential market for each type of business desired, analyzing the market and the risks for each customer profile, “explains Antonio. He adds that GBI was idealized from the observation of the various and recent ventures of Brazilians which failed in the USA, for one reason or another, and which cost millions of dollars to entrepreneurs. “Our group has specialists in all areas, able to assess the risks and opportunities specific to each client,” concludes Miranda.

Manoel Suhet, CEO of GBI, adds that the success of any business depends on its initial orientation, supported by strategic planning geared to the specific characteristics of each market. “Even if the investor already owns a fully functioning company in Brazil, when he takes it abroad he is faced with a brand new market. GBI was created to guide the Brazilians who want to make the business flow in the USA from the experience gathered by the qualified team of entrepreneurs who integrate it, “explains Suhet, an executive with more than 20 years of experience in business management.

The Global Business Institute presentation event was held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami, and was attended by the Brazilian Consul in Miami, João Mendes Pereira.